About us

Tradenvest is a UK company working with businesses based in Portuguese speaking countries, such as, Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea and Guinea Bissau, to assist their success in international markets and to enhance the export performance of the UK to those markets. In terms of Investment, we find valuable business opportunities in the lusophone market. Tradenvest started in September 2012, comprising two essential parts of an economy growth, Trade and Investment.

A Tradenvest é uma empresa registada no Reino Unido, que trabalha com empresas localizadas em países de língua oficial Portuguesesa, nomeadamente Portugal, Brasil, Angola, Moçambique, Cabo Verde, Timor Leste, Guiné Equatorial e Guiné Bissau, apoiando no seu sucesso em mercados internacionais e aumentar as exportacoes do RU para estes mercados. Em termos de investimento, acompanhamos novos investidores na busca de boas oportunidades de investimento nestes mercadoslusófonos. A Tradenvest teve início em Setembro de 2012, com focu em dois sectores essenciais para o crescimento de uma economia, o comércio e o investimento.



Tradenvest is a UK company working with businesses.


Getting Social

We’re committed to make the world a better place to live, work, learn, have fun and enjoy and for that we incorporate charity into our business model.
At Tradenvest we believe that it’s our obligation to act for the benefit of the communities we work with, creating a better balance between the economy and the ecosystems.
That’s way we donate a percentage of our profit per project, to a charity and it make us feel good. Come and join us.

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How to get in touch:
Como nos contactar:
Email: info@tradenvest.com
UK: + 44 777 181 3735
PT: + 351 96 496 1151